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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in FarsiLibrary   14 June 2016

Farsi Library v2.6 Available!

Back in 2003 I started to work on a library to use on my line of business applications to address the short-comings around Persian calendar and date controls with proper RightToLeft support. My needs were simple. I was developing business application that needed to be multi-lingual with correct rendering and date displays. Not much to ask, but even simple things like date calculations was not possible as there was not Persian calendar out of the box in .NET framework 1.1.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in VisualStudio   02 September 2015

SQL Server service startup failure

This has happened twice for me in last month so here's how I document it since if something happens twice will happen more again.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in DDD EntityFramework   10 February 2015

DDD - Part Three - Domain Events

Domain event is a very useful concept in Domain Driven Design that allows you to separate concerns in your domain via events. You can also offload the side effects of the actions in your domain to an event handler and let that run asynchronously.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in WebAPI Json   13 January 2015

JSON Serialization in WebAPI

If you've worked with JSON endpoints and WebAPI, you know how seamlessly it works when sending out objects that will be serialized into JSON. An example would be something like this.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in DDD EntityFramework   26 November 2014

DDD - Part Two - Value Object Persistence

In DDD, the value object is used when your entity conceptually does not have an identity and it is all about the data. Now the question of something being a value object or an entity - where we care about the actual Id - is a business question but think about an address in a ordering management system where a customer has addresses.

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