Version 2.0 of FarsiLibrary is now available. The following changes are made in this release:

FA MonthView

  • Modified: Migrated to Visual Studio .NET 2008. Still using .NET Framework 2.0, so you just need the new IDE to compile. Might affect clients using old .NET Framework 2.0 (without the new SP Installed).

  • Modified: IComparer and IComparer<PersianDate> are converted to explicit implementation in PersianDate class.

  • Modified: ICloneable interface implementation is converted to explicit implementation in PersianDate class.

  • Modified: Assign method of PersianDate to internal.

  • Modified: Changed the Day/Month/Year change EventHandler type to EventHandler<DateChangedEventArgs>. You can use the New/Old value properties to access the underlying values.

  • Modified: FALocalizeManager now is a singleton class. Use the Instance property instead of static methods.

  • Modified: FAMessageBoxManager.Delete method now returns boolean value based on whether the delete operation was successful or not.

  • Added: Implementation of IsLeapMonth method in PersianCalendar.

  • Added: Solution Items folder.

  • Added: Partial Office 2007 Blue theme. Drawing of dropdown buttons of FADatePicker control need a better visualization.

  • Added: PainterFactory to create painters based on the state of BaseStyledControl.

  • Added: FAMessageBox now implementes IDisposable interface explicitly. Dispose method is made internal.

  • Fixed: When changing the culture, Year value didn’t change, e.g. when in Farsi culture in year 1385 culture is set to english, the year remain 1385 (which was a valid year in English calendar).

  • Fixed: When changing the DefaultCulture property, Day and Month properties did not return the culture-specific values.

  • Fixed: A bug when accessing Now property of PersianDate class.

Please report any bug you might encounter. You can download the source code from here and the binary (including test project executables) from here. More information about this project can be found on my Code Project article at here.