While spending my last days at my country and not working on an interesting project to blog about, I thought a post about how I happen to be what I am today is in order. While reading a blog post by Richard Banks, I was inspired to write my Geek Origin Story, a movement initially started by Michael Kordahi. Continue reading

I’ve been using Windows 7 for a while now and my test experience is nearly great, with some exceptions like for occasional NVidia driver crashing the kernel and a few restarts because of it. The other day, I found something new: my sidebar gadget was missing completely! Continue reading

Gmail on IE8

Looks like Gmail guys don’t like my new browser. Sometimes (notice, just sometimes) things get broken in IE8 beta when using Gmail resulting strange layout problems. Even in turning compatibility mode to on has no effect on this. Continue reading


There’s been a new competition around for WPFers. You need to submit an application created with WPF technology (being a WPF app or Silverlight) which should not exceed 10 KB in size. Tricky, eh? What kind of an app can be 10 K? Continue reading

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve installed Windows 7 on my work development box. During the installation everything went fine and all the applications I had on my Windows Vista installed and worked fine under new windows 7, except for Skype for which I had to download and install their version 4.0 Beta. As a Vista user, I found myself immediately familiar with the environment but there are a lot of goodies here and there which made me say “Nice” loud and clear. Performance gain is totally noticeable compared to Vista and memory usage is as low as it can be. Continue reading

I’ve received some emails from people complaining from the problems when downloading attachments from my blog. Likely, my web hosting company has a problem. Meanwhile, you can try downloading the attachment from my SkyDrive page. I’ve added some old attachments to this folder. Continue reading

NAB Show 2008

In case you’re interested seeing what we’ve been up to in last couple of years, you can take a look at our product showcase in NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show 2008 in Las Vegas from Sunday, April 13 to Thursday, April 17. Continue reading


While working on my web site, I thought it would take more time to get ready, so why not start blogging while I’m working on it?

Continue reading
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