I’ve been trying to setup Google Analytics Event Tracking in a Silverlight application for a while and despite all the how-tos and articles on the web, I just couldn’t get it running. I kept doing everything proposed, but when the application was run on IE, a javascript error was occurred. Firefox didn’t even bother reporting the JS error. Continue reading

Well, this is not actually my first code review, but this is supposed to be a copycat of ‘Code Review WTF, Number N’ series by Ayende Rahien.

I was inspecting an open-source code base which is a medical business application. So why am I reviewing the code base? I had a request to add persian calendar support to this application and I was trying to figure out how much time does this take and if it is possible. Continue reading

With the power of an IoC engine, you can inject your repositories, services, etc. when building applications using ASP.NET MVC framework. Since one of the best IoC engines out there IMHO is Castle Windsor using it has become natural more than ever, but as soon as I did, strange problems occurred when testing very simple scenarios. Continue reading

For a site I’m working on using ASP.NET MVC, I intended to place a Date badge beside the blog and news posts I’m writing. Since in ASP.NET MVC there’s no notion of custom controls (well, at least not like in WebForms) you’ll have to do this manually, but as it turned out it was pretty easy to do. Continue reading

With total control over html rendering in ASP.NET MVC there are a lot of things you can do, and this actually is correct the other way around, meaning you have to do a lot of things yourself: No fancy ASP.NET Custom Controls. It somehow reminds me of the old days, when you had to do everything to display a list of data. Back then, everything seemed manual. Continue reading

I’m preparing my website, which benefits NHibernate and ASP.NET MVC so I finally got a chance to actually do something with this nice pair. Since the pattern of SessionPerRequest and TransactionPerRequest is useful, I intended to automagically create a new session upon activating my Controller’s action, where necessary, since this cross-cutting of concerns will make your session management code separate from your controller’s code and you no longer need to worry about it. Continue reading

You all know that .NET generated application convert the high-level codes from source language (e.g. C#) and converts them to IL. Basically, if you could convert the IL code back to the high-level language, you’d have the original source code of the application, and to some extent, you can do this, but this is the story for another post. Continue reading

I’ve been using Windows 7 for a while now and my test experience is nearly great, with some exceptions like for occasional NVidia driver crashing the kernel and a few restarts because of it. The other day, I found something new: my sidebar gadget was missing completely! Continue reading

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