In the process of upgrading my IIS 6 to IIS 7, my website was down for almost a whole day. The problem, at first, was that only front page of the site worked all other pages returned a status 404 due to the fact that all routing was stopped working. The problem which was fixed by my hosting provider, but after that, the whole web site stopped working. Continue reading

There are many validation frameworks out there but sometimes you need to build one your own. Let’s see how easy it is to build a simple validation framework in TDD style using functionalities in System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations. This is a rather new assembly introduced in .NET Framework 3.5, mainly used to define metadata for ASP.NET Dynamic Data controls. We’re going to use the validation attributes containing in this assembly to validate our entities and models. Continue reading

One of the good grid controls in WPF world belongs to Infragistics. With all the bells and whistles, there are still some limitation, some are WPF engine limitation and some are not. One thing that is very limiting is validation of data prior them being added to datasource. Continue reading

There is yet another issue with NHibernate and JetDriver I encountered yesterday. It seems that a select query containing “Order By”, will gets its “From” keyword cut off at some stage by the Jet Driver. Continue reading

I’ve been working on a WPF application which is maybe another post. The work is done and I have started localizing the applications. Localization was mostly changing the FlowDirection and lables / texts for other languages, but when testing the application, I came across an interesting problem with Nhibernate. The application worked correctly in default (en-us) culture, but not in fa-ir, as NHibernate reported problems when running the working query. Continue reading

I’m preparing my website, which benefits NHibernate and ASP.NET MVC so I finally got a chance to actually do something with this nice pair. Since the pattern of SessionPerRequest and TransactionPerRequest is useful, I intended to automagically create a new session upon activating my Controller’s action, where necessary, since this cross-cutting of concerns will make your session management code separate from your controller’s code and you no longer need to worry about it. Continue reading

I was to make Rhino Service Bus work with NHibernate the other day. Although, Nhibernate and Rhino Service Bus each work flawlessly, when coupled together the problem started. What I wanted to do was simple. Gather some orders to make a package large enough for shipment gateway to process. Continue reading

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