Lately I’ve been trying to blend three different technologies, namingly Sharepoint 2010, SSRS and Silverlight 4 into one application. The goal of the project was to display existing reports of SSRS plus some features of Sharepoint in a Silverlight application that runs inside Sharepoint or as an out of browser application. You may say that SSRS and Sharepoint already work together, so why add Silverlight to the equation? The thing is that customer was so happy with previous Silverlight applications we demoed, that they don’t like to working with old, flat html websites anymore and need a richer application to work with. Continue reading

When creating Line of Business (LoB) applications with Silverlight, the only choice to get the data to the application is through webservices. People having their Silverlight application hosted on the same webserver as the service have almost no problem, but things get interesting when service is not hosted on the same machine as the application, and it gets hairy when you self-host a WCF service. Let’s see how it is done in each scenario. Continue reading

When working on a Silverlight application that received data from a WebService I notice that loading of an array of 1500 items takes a lot of time. With this problem, application launch that has 3 separate webservice lookups, took almost 5 minutes to complete. Continue reading

If you have not heard, Silverlight is the latest rich client technology from Microsoft. The good thing about it is that it works almost on all browsers and operating systems and you can host your application on non-Microsoft stack too, but there are things such as database connectivity that you can’t benefit from when creating Silverlight applications. Continue reading

I started checking out the new Silverlight 4 Beta this week and the most important feature (for me) added to this release : FlowDirection. If you’re not a WPF guy, this is the equivalent of RightToLeft in WinForm world, just recently added to Silverlight. Continue reading

I’ve been trying to setup Google Analytics Event Tracking in a Silverlight application for a while and despite all the how-tos and articles on the web, I just couldn’t get it running. I kept doing everything proposed, but when the application was run on IE, a javascript error was occurred. Firefox didn’t even bother reporting the JS error. Continue reading

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