It’s been a few weeks since I’ve installed Windows 7 on my work development box. During the installation everything went fine and all the applications I had on my Windows Vista installed and worked fine under new windows 7, except for Skype for which I had to download and install their version 4.0 Beta. As a Vista user, I found myself immediately familiar with the environment but there are a lot of goodies here and there which made me say “Nice” loud and clear. Performance gain is totally noticeable compared to Vista and memory usage is as low as it can be. Fresh installation of Windows 7 occupies just 700 MB of memory which is obviously way lower than Vista.

I had very few problems using it. The disastrous one was two occasional system crashes when I was designing WPF apps in Visual Studio 2008. The design screen of my WPF UI was frozen and with just a mouse click system had a hard crash. The other issue is using Virtual PC. When windows overlap the VPC window, it goes black and I have to move the window a little bit to see the content (I’m using VPC in Windowed mode, not fullscreen). This too is very annoying because Windows are overlapping each other all the time and its giving me a hard time.

I know this is beta stuff and things may be broken and not working, but I see that guys at Windows 7 team have done a great job.

Update : If you have a Nvidia graphic card, upgrading the driver via Windows Update will solve the VPC going black.